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We are a 100% Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience in the Mexican Caribbean. Our focus is crafting experiences through our different expertise in the maritime and culinary segments, and offer our foreign, national, and local visitors a wide range of Luxury, Fun, and  Adventure concepts such as nautical experiences, land expeditions, beach clubs and especially curated events for large groups.

Sailing Experiences

Sailing Platinum

Preferred check-in

 Coffe And Juice Bar At Boarding Lounge

 Mimosas on board

 Sailing Luxury Catamaran To Isla Mujeres

Snorkel At “El Meco”

National Premium Open Bar On Board

Exclusive Beach Club Amazonas

Cocktail Bar At The Beach Club

Premium Grill Lunch Buffet

Balinese Sunbeds At Amazonas

Live DJ

Kayak, paddle board

Isla Mujeres Downtown visit

Sailing Plus

 Sailing on a catamaran to Isla Mujeres

 Snorkel at “El Meco”

National open bar on board

Lunch Buffet at “Qué Bonito” Restaurant

National open bar at “Qué Bonito”

Bunk beds at beach zone

Isla Mujeres downtown visit

Island Discovery

 Catamaran Sailing to Isla Mujeres

 Box Lunch on board

Snorkel at El Meco reef

National open bar on board

Isla Mujeres downtown visit (3 hrs)

Sailing to Cancun

Round trip transportation

Towels included

Get up & Go

Sailing on catamaran to Isla Mujeres

Snorkel at “El Meco*”

Open bar on board

Snacks at “Qué bonito” restaurant

Isla Mujeres downtown visit

Sailing to Cancun



Sunset Sailing on a catamaran to Isla Mujeres

Open Bar on board

Snorkeling at “El Meco”

Lunch buffet

Balinese beds

Live DJ

Swim at Blanquizal

Sunset sailing to Cancun

Four Elements

Sailing towards Isla Mujeres

Open bar on select labels aboard

Open bar at AMAZONA during meals

Mexican barbecue dinner

Fire show


Live DJ

party boat

Party Boat

Catamaran sailing to Isla Mujeres

Open bar on board (rum, vodka, tequila, beer and soft drinks)

Open bar 

Snacks at “Qué Bonito” Restaurant (Pasta, nachos, chicken fajitas and pizza)

Animation, DJ, and contests

Our Services

Sailing Experiences

Our exclusive tours are perfectly planned for you to spend a day exploring every magical corner of Isla Mujeres.


Your best option if you are looking for a day full of adventures Sailing in the Caribbean Sea.

Ocean Adventures

Embark on unforgettable adventures with our thrilling tours (Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Fishing)!

Beach Clubs

 Their location, menu, atmosphere and service, are perfect for celebrating any social event.

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If your heart yearns for the open sea, the feeling of the wind in your hair, and the thrill of navigating crystal-clear waters, then look no further!

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What our costumers are saying!
Boat trip to Island . Fabulous day. We went platinum. All drinks included. Cat was by no means cramped. Loads of room. Snorkeling was but by if you are a qualified diver you will be a little annoyed as life jackets are compulsory still. Which I do get. Food at lunch was really good. Lots of choice and the waiters were fab for keeping the drinks flowing. Plenty of shade there too. Next stop we turned left on road and found a private beach/bar. Free to get in toilets in there they just expect you to buy drink. So we chilled with a pino Colarda and a mojiti. Which was the best one had since Cuba. Chaps on the cat which was the Marathon where great especially Gustavo who kept us well supplied with all we wanted. Highly recommend this trip 😁
Book the tour!!!!!!! Albatros Antonio Crew was so much fun! Johnnie with the drinks, Berto the host/captain and all the other crew members we dealt with were so fun! From getting on the boat, snorkeling, getting to the island, golf cart tour, beach club, photographer, All were SUBERB! Exceeded expectations. Ron punch was awesome, every time our drinks got low, Johnnie was brining us another round. Every time we wanted pictures, the camera man was on top of it. Yes it was extra cost, but memories to last forever were worth it. There was a lot of people on the boat but the crew was able to handle and take care of everyone. Handing out waters, playing good music, and clear instructions awesome. I booked through another company because I didn't know, but this experience included transportation which was also great, organized and early (VIP Rivera Maya) This was one of the most fun days we had in Mexico, getting to explore the island with their tour guide for an hour, also additional cost(bring extra spending money!) The beach club was nice and clean, good food and good drinks. We felt safe the whole day, even being in the middle of the ocean snorkeling. Got to see lots of fish and was so fun to swim in the water. I will do this tour every time I am in Mexico, it was a blast.
Jeannette G
Jeannette G
BEST ISLA LAS MUJERA EXPERIENCE!! Ricardo was an amazing tour guide. Great staff and it was an amazing experience. I would 100% do it again without a doubt
Ck fisherman
Ck fisherman
Amazing Isla Mujeres Experience with Antonio Crew!! Amazing Isla Mujeres Experience with Antonio Crew!! Whole Crew tried very hard to make everyone happy onboard except a girl sail expert. Good Things... - All Crew was very nice and fun except one girl staff was not look happy. - Unlimited drinks onboard. - kids friendly ( they will take care of you real good ) I WISH.... - too many golf carts.. exhausts fumes made me almost intoxicated. it could be better idea to tour the island with convertible mini bus - too busy schedule. I saw guide is running around with other staff. We had to rush everything...could be much better little bit more relaxing schedule. Very good experience! 10/10 to Antonio Crew!
Great boat and crew, fun day. It was hard to pick an Isla Muejres tour because of many negative reviews in many of the tours. We went for this one and it was great. Snorkelling did not happen because it was very windy in the morning and it wasn't safe. I couldn't care less as I have snorkelled many times in many places, the point of this trip is to visit Isla mujerse with some extrap erks. There was open bar all around on the boat. The boat is comfortable and has ample shadow if you don't want to get sunburnt. Staff were great and improved the experience of everyone. Lunch was good and the beach club was great with very comfortable mattresses to spend your tiem there. We purchased the optional golf cart for $55 (per cart) jsut because we wanted to experience riding thefgolf cart. It's a 1 hour trip around the island to punta sur. If you are not interseted in riding a golf cart for fun you might just skip that and chill off at the beach. Finally we went to another beach in Isla with spare time where we couldwalk around town and visit a couple more becahes, the trip back to Cancun was fun celebrating people's special celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries), with plenty of drinks for whoever wanted them and dancing. I do recommend this tour. If you just want to get to Isla and visit a public beach just take the ferry and you'll be fine.
Kendra C
Kendra C
Amazing experience! Our group went on the Quidam boat with this tour. Gustavo was an amazing personable host/guide. All of the crew were! They made our experience one of a kind. Can’t say enough things about this tour. Worth it!
Best crew Gustavo and staff were awesome! They were very nice and accommodating. They made sure we had a good time and they made sure we had everything we needed!
Michelle W
Michelle W
Travel with Gustavo + Quidam - best trip ever Quidam is amazing!!!!! Gustavo is the best!!!!! You must do this trip with them. It was a lot better with this crew than last! Totally worth it:)
A nice day doing something different! Excellent excursion!!! Lots of fun for the entire family. These catamarans are extremely nice (Lagoon, luxury catamarans) and have a large area in the bow to sit, dance, drink, and party; or a cabin with AC if you get too hot. The boat travels from a marina about 2 miles from the hotel zone to an open water area for snorkeling. All of the local tour boats go to the same area and they use the boats to create a circle approximately 100 yards in diameter. Everyone feels safe as there are many boats watching the swimmers, guides are in the water with you, and lifeguard boats are there as well. If you get tired, sick, cramped, etc. you are in excellent hands and will be taken care of; you are completely safe irrespective of your swimming skills. Next, it is off to a private beach club on the island of Isla Mujeres. Beach lounge chairs, full bars, and a good buffet are included. Get some of the BBQ chicken! They offer an extra golf cart tour of the island for $60 US/ per cart. It's a guided tour, lots of fun, and well worth the extra money. After lunch, you motor over to another part of the island for shopping (i.e. tourist trap gift shops) but there is also a nice bar and restaurant where my family enjoyed some light food and drinks before cruising back to the harbor. Note, if you think you are going to get a sailboat experience, you are not. The boat remains under power the entire time to meet time constraints. They put the sail up for ambiance on the way home, but you are still motoring. I give the trip a 7 out of 10 because they advertise it as a sailing excursion, yet don't ever truly sail. However, that being said, my family had an amazing time and my wife and 17-year-old didn't care that we were never sailing.
Gabriel B
Gabriel B
Fireee The view was insane, staff really funny always there to our demand. Very good trip, service number one i recommand that to everyone!
Jamie S

We were on the Marathon boat. Our crew was amazing. We had the most amazing time. Well worth the money and time. The crew made it perfect.


I can't say enough positive things about this tour!!! We have now gone twice and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves both times! I highly recommend the Platinum tour because there are less people on the boat which equals more room and a more personalized experience. On this tour, you get to snorkel, tour Isla Mujares on a golf cart, have lunch, unlimited beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), go shopping, have a fish foot treatment (tickles at first, but a must do experience), tequila tastings, relax at the beach, and have a blast!!! Daphne was our tour host and was FANTASTIC, as were all of the staff!!

Laura P

Had a blast however more time snorkeling and less shopping would have been better.
Crew was phenomenal!

Yohann O

Seeing the stars in the eyes of my fiancee and children after different stages of the excursion. Hearing my fiancee say "this is paradise". The food was best we ate during our whole vacation. Would do again and again and discover something new. A personal tip, we ran short on time for the tequila tasting so we asked the woman there to make us taste her 3 favorite and boy did she deliver. Wow.



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