Snorkel Reef Adventure

Enjoy scuba diving in this underwater paradise, relax, and live one of the unique experiences in the world!

If you’ve dived before, this is something you can’t afford to miss! Come and explore the world-famous “Great Mayan Reef,” one of the underwater treasures of the magnificent Mexican Caribbean.

Scuba Diving Reef Adventure (Beginner)

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to breathe underwater? If you want to give scuba diving a try but aren’t quite ready to commit to a certification course, Scuba Diving For Beginners is perfect for you. While it’s not a certification course, it provides a quick and easy introduction to exploring the underwater world and gives you the opportunity to make a shallow-water dive to admire the incredible beauty beneath the magical Mexican Caribbean.

Scuba Diving Reef Adventure (Certified)

Would you like to have some fun and explore Puerto Morelos in style? Are you looking to have a great time and enjoy the tropical wonders of this unique region while embarking on an adventure in one of the world’s largest reefs? Our Royalton Excursions Catamaran Adventure tour is the perfect choice for you! During this exclusive tour, you’ll have the opportunity to stroll through this picturesque village, one of the most beautiful in Mexico, and also have the chance to snorkel in our stunning reef aboard our Catamaran.

Sport Fishing

We invite you to enjoy an amazing day of plentiful fishing in the waters of the Riviera Maya. Our experienced crew, with over 20 years of expertise in the area, using the most effective fishing techniques, will ensure that you have the ultimate offshore experience! 

Jungle Tour

Enjoy our “Jungle Tour,” the most popular and thrilling experience that allows you to drive a speed boat through the Cancun Bay. You will reach the reef known as “El Meco” for snorkeling, admiring the marine life on the reef, and then drive back to enter the Nichupté Lagoon, where you can admire the beautiful mangroves before returning to our Marina.

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